Site supervisors & tradesmen

Access Solutions

Rope Access Technician (Level I & II & III)

Level 1: you have one or more trade qualifications/competences in one of our core disciplines, and you have undergone extensive training to carry out that work from ropes. Always working under the observation of a Level 3 Supervisor, you help us carry out work in difficult-to-access environments.

Level 2: you reach a minimum of 1 year and 1,000 hours of work experience in a variety of tasks as a level 1 rope access technician, you are capable of rigging ropes and undertaking rescues, including hauling, all under the supervision of a level 3 Rope Access Technician.

Level 3: you reach a minimum of 1 year and 1,000 hours of work experience as a level 2 rope access technician, you are capable of site supervision for rope access work projects, you have a comprehensive knowledge of advanced rescue techniques and are conversant with relevant work techniques legislation.

Scaffolding Operator

Join our teams of three or four scaffolders to erect, alter and dismantle tower, independent, birdcage, slung, cantilever, truss-out, temporary suspended and other special design scaffolding installations. All scaffolders are qualified to the required national or international standard and have completed PREZIOSO Linjebygg programmes.

Scaffolding Supervisor

You provide supervision, direction and drive to the scaffolding teams within your location, you liaise with clients and PREZIOSO Linjebygg management on the delivery of scaffolding activities and you provide safety leadership to your teams.

Surface Preparation & Coating

Offshore Site Manager

You are responsible for the management and organisation of the offshore activities under the contract. As the Company's contract representative, you manage the various supervisors responsible for surface preparation and coating. You are responsible for the safety of personnel, quality of the works and compliance with the schedule under the general coordination of the Contract/Project Manager.

Painting - Coating Supervisor

Duly certified by ACQPA, you are responsible for all supervision of the painting works allocated by the Site Manager. You organise your teams and allocate tasks. You are responsible for quality management of coating works and to provide all mandatory data requested for daily reports.


Fireproofing Supervisor

Duly certified as a qualified applicator, you are responsible for managing your operating teams to remove existing coatings and mesh, supervise surface preparation and PFP application. Always ensuring the safety of your personnel, you work in close coordination with the Painting Supervisor and report to the PFP Manager.

QA-QC Manager

As the quality management representative on site, you are responsible for the entire quality process, procedures, documentation/data recording and the monitoring of Quality Audit/Quality Control at project management level. You perform internal audits on site and examine all non-conformance in order to ensure proper implementation of quality procedures. You assist the Site Project Manager with all quality-related activities.

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