Operational Management

Project Engineer

You are responsible for the operational efficiency of our assets through the design and implementation of efficient installations and effective maintenance routines. In addition, you are responsible for training local business units and suppliers to manage and support the operation and maintenance of our assets in the field and react appropriately to any intervention or incident that may occur.

Site Manager

You manage all of our activities on our operational sites, including, but not limited to, production, quality and safety, whilst co-ordinating and implementing the relevant company and project-specific procedures for your respective work areas.

Project/Contract Manager

You are the company representative, managing the day to day business of the project/contract you work on with the client. You direct resources, plan, and you ensure the project is completed on time, in accordance with the client’s quality specifications, within budget and according to contract requirements…..always ensuring the utmost safety of your staff and all other personnel on-site.

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