Corporate: Make each day a Golden Day!

Our Group culture revolves around safety – it is pivotal to our values, our practices, our attitudes and our behaviours. We have now achieved the maturity required to master safety matters – especially major risks. We are fully committed to safety – both individually and collectively.
If we want to go further and enact a genuine paradigm shift, we need to see safety in a positive light at all times. Ultimately, we must realise that keeping our operations running smoothly is more beneficial than simply investigating why accidents happen.
Each and every one of us has a role to play. Safety, quality and productivity are closely intertwined, and the same underlying factors enable us to perform well in all three areas (organisation implemented, management, working conditions, strength of work groups, individual commitment, etc.).
When we achieve safety, quality and productivity together, we can safely say that we have had a good day – a “Golden Day”. And this happens, first at foremost, at team level.
Recognizing and promoting "Golden Days" is therefore essential; everyone will be able to do this, particularly by using an application specially created by Prezioso Linjebygg staff, based on three objective criteria:

  • Safety: we have zero events with a major risk, zero serious accidents, zero lost-time accidents, and adapted workstations.
  • Productivity: we meet our daily commitments.
  • Quality: we take pride in getting things right first time (and keep our customers happy as a result).

Our mobile app is packed with tools to help each and every one of us do better, as we look to reach 365 Golden Days per year. The existing resources include the Group HSE Policy, the Value Target, the Golden Rules for Safety, the Control Guide, the Recognition Policy, the Management Guides, core tools to help us put our safety approach into action, a good practice discussion forum, and a “news” section.

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