Corporate: Developing the safety culture: the next step

At PREZIOSO Linjebygg, creating and implementing our Golden Rules was a decisive step in our quest to develop our safety culture. This helped us to give meaning to safety by prioritising the prevention of "major risks": those that may result in a serious or fatal accident if they are not controlled. After three years of experience and application of our Golden Rules on a daily basis, we can now say that they are fully understood and followed by all staff.
Nevertheless, we are committed to keep progressing in our safety culture initiative. Our ambition is to share it with everyone. As mentioned in the video produced by PREZIOSO Linjebygg in 2016, safety has become second nature for all of us. This requires tools that we have already set up, but in order to move forward, we also need to renew and rethink safety in a dynamic and positive way. For example, focusing on work that is typically well-executed will ultimately be more beneficial for everyone.
The notion of "Golden Days” will soon symbolise our common determination to ensure that every day is completed perfectly in terms of safety, but also in terms of progress and quality of work.

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