Corporate: A CSR audit carried out by EDF: the results were there!

On 14 and 15 September this year, Prezioso Linjebygg was audited on the basis of a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) repository, at the request of its customer EDF. The external auditor was able to check the areas related to labour rights and the environment, as well as to requirements specific to EDF. Following this audit, and after several interviews with management and employees, the findings of the auditor turned out to be satisfactory and very positive: he observed that we have scrupulously respected the regulations based on the labour code and environmental requirements, that we were performing adequate regulatory monitoring, that our QHSE management system provided the necessary guarantees in keeping with customer expectations, that workers’ right to join a union was guaranteed, and that recent labour agreements (e.g. gender equality) were correctly applied. In addition to the fact that our client EDF should be renewing our supplier approval, we should be very pleased with this good result which reflects the best practice shared by us all.

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