Congo: Renovation of two gantry cranes at the Pointe Noire port

Prezioso Linjebygg in the Congo has just won a renovation contract for two gantry cranes at the Pointe Noire terminal. Our subsidiary is acting on behalf of Gargotech / Kalmar to restore compliance to all gantry cranes following a claim under warranty. This is because after four years of service many corrosion spots have appeared throughout the structure.
Our teams of experienced scaffolders, rope work specialists and painters spent nearly a month working on finalising the first crane. This was a risky operation because the gantry is over 70 meters above ground level. Once again the experience of our Congolese subsidiary made the difference against our competitors for this special, tricky operation. But that's not all: this contract could lead to a still larger one because our customer has to restore another six cranes to compliance in neighbouring countries, including Ghana, Togo and Ivory Coast.

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