Belgium: Prezioso Linjebygg contributes to the modernisation of the main European refining and petrochemical platform

For Total, Antwerp is the largest refining and petrochemical platform in Europe. The French oil group has decided to invest more than one billion euros to modernise it. And Prezioso Linjebygg is playing an integral part in the project to enable Total to make its site more competitive, improve industrial performance and reduce environmental impact.
During the recent shutdown on the Antwerp site, our staff worked on six heat exchangers to perform sandblasting and coating operations on heat exchanger tube plates, in order to protect them even more efficiently against corrosion. The project is worth highlighting for two reasons: firstly, anticorrosion work is in general not so common on petrochemical sites, and secondly, we carried out this work by brining on board several internal experts from both the Dunkirk Europe Industry agency and that of the nuclear coatings agency, in close cooperation with our sub-contractor specialising in this field.

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