Abu Dhabi: Prezioso Emdad innovates to enhance safety for surface preparation

Shot blasting is the conventional method of surface preparation prior to applying a coating. This approach necessarily generates fine dust and sometimes sparks. This is also why this traditional approach is not permitted on all sites, including facilities that may contain flammable gas, including in the air.
To address the risk inherent in these facilities, Prezioso Emdad staff have developed for the customer Adma Opco in Abu Dhabi a secure method that uses water as a "vehicle" or "means of transport" for the shot. This eliminates dust by encapsulating it in a mist of water: sparks cannot occur because we are using a wet abrasive.
This method is used to prepare the surfaces of piping in operation, even when they contain hydrocarbons. This technique is not only safe and reliable but also allows work to be carried out without stopping the process at the heart of the facility.
In this way we allowed Adma Opco to eliminate the risk of fire or explosion, and Prezioso Emdad was rewarded for this innovation.
Congratulations to our Middle East teams who are helping to make such major projects a success, while respecting the strictest safety conditions!

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