Who we serve

Oil & Gas offshore  62%

Offshore platforms (fixed & floating),
FPSOs, FSOs, drilling rigs, drill ships,
un-manned installations & satelllites

Oil & Gas onshore  17%

Refineries, liquefaction &
regasification plants, storage sites,
gas/oil separation & processing
facilities, petrochemical plants

Power generation 15%

Nuclear, thermal,
hydroelectric, wind

Naval, infrastructure and other industries 6%

Industrial plants, marine & naval
vessels, bridges, viaducts, tunnels
water & sewage treatment facilities

Oil & Gas Offshore

For almost 50 years, PREZIOSO Linjebygg has been providing a wide range of essential services to the offshore Oil & Gas industry. It is our largest market segment, generating over 60% of our revenues in 2015. Our deep experience in working on our customers’ high-value critical assets in some of the most challenging and remote locations on the planet ensures we are a vendor of choice for international oil majors, national oil companies, independent oil and gas producers and oilfield services companies operating in the offshore environment.

We have multi-skilled teams who perform a wide range of added-value and essential tasks in complex offshore environments to provide our clients with innovative and cost-effective services, products and solutions, while maintaining the highest focus on safety and environmental issues. Our vast experience in this market has enabled us to adapt and tailor our activities to meet the exacting needs of our customers in this industry. In particular, we know how to meet the specific requirements clients have to extend the life and optimise the value of their assets in this industry, such as:

  • Reducing POB and bed utilisation by mobilising multi-skilled technicians and supervisors,
  • Sourcing, training, mobilising and managing large teams to execute specific projects during high-activity periods,
  • Modification of work processes to ensure we maximise job engineering, planning, preparation and supervision performed  by our on-shore teams, again reducing cost and POB,
  • Reducing equipment and weight on-board by mobilising our rope access specialists in preference to our traditional scaffolding-based access solutions,
  • Improving cost efficiency by executing projects in ways which reduce the requirement for high-cost support equipment/services such as helicopters, heavy lift crane barges, safety vessels, ROVs and divers,
  • Given the operational environment and the criticality of the assets, we always operate with the highest and most exacting safety and environmental standards.

We work in all types of offshore environments across the world, from shallow water to ultra-deep-water, from artic to tropical conditions. We have extensive experience of working on the full range of offshore exploration and production assets, from fixed and floating platforms, to FPSOs and FSOs, drilling rigs and ships and unmanned/satellite installations.
We work across the entire lifecycle of our customers’ assets. During the fabrication stage of greenfield or brownfield developments, we work in our own facilities or the fabrication yards of construction contractors. During the commissioning phase, we undertake carry-over work and hook-up assistance. During the operational phase, which is where we perform most of our activities, we design and implement inspection programmes and perform planned/unplanned maintenance, repairs, shutdown services, minor and major modification projects and finally decommissioning support services.

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Oil & Gas Onshore

PREZIOSO Linjebygg has been a critical services provider to the onshore assets of the Oil & Gas and petrochemical sectors since the formation of the company in 1957. In 2015, we generated over 17% of our revenues in this market segment.

We have extensive experience of working on a full range of onshore treatment, transportation, storage, refining and production facilities, such as gas/oil separation plants, gas plants, oil refineries, LNG liquefaction and regasification assets, storage facilities and petrochemical plants.

During the operational phase of each asset, we comprise an essential part of the on-site maintenance team, working hand-in-hand with asset owners’ maintenance teams and providing assistance to other trades. In addition we are able to effectively and efficiently ramp-up our presence during high activity periods such as site turnarounds/shutdowns or major modification projects.

We have also a strong track record in working with EPC contractors in the construction phase of major onshore assets, particularly LNG liquefaction and regasification plants and refineries. Most of our work is performed on the construction site, but we often provide services and solutions in our own yards or in our client’s fabrication facilities.

Power generation

For almost 40 years, PREZIOSO Linjebygg has provided a wide range of industrial services and solutions in support of the construction and maintenance of France’s high-value, super-critical nuclear power generation assets.  In addition, we provide services in support of other technologies in the power generation segment: conventional fossil-fuel, hydro (pump storage and run-of-the-river) and wind. In 2015, we generated over 15% of our revenues in this market segment.

Due to the nature of nuclear power generation sites, we work in the most demanding and controlled environments, which has required us to develop and implement innovative techniques and solutions to assist our clients in safely and securely operating and extending the life of their plants. We have had a long and sustainable relationship with all of the major players within this sector in France, for example EDF, AREVA and CEA. These relationships have enabled us to extend our service offering in support of nuclear power plants in Ukraine, China, Belgium and Slovakia.

In France, we have a dedicated department of over 500 well-trained, highly-skilled, certified and qualified operators, with a long track-record of working in the nuclear environment.

Our services include the provision of surface preparation and treatment, scaffolding, insulation and PFP for new-build facilities, such as the next generation EPR in Flamanville, France. The majority of our activity is however focussed on the support of the operation and life extension phases of existing operating assets, where we intervene through our dedicated on-site teams. We also have successfully managed significant maintenance, revamping and life-extension projects during shutdown periods.

Naval, infrastructure and other industries

PREZIOSO Linjebygg provides a range of industrial fabric-related services and solutions to many different customer segments outside of our core oil & gas and power generation markets. In 2015, we generated over 5% of our revenues in these market segments.

The principal market sectors we serve with our range of industrial fabric-related solutions are mostly based in Continental Europe and cover the following sectors:

  • Naval, both civil and defence (including ships, boats, vessels, tankers, aircraft carriers and submarines),
  • Industry (Iron/Steel, Automotive, Aeronautical, Agro-food, Pharmaceutical, Paper/Cardboard, Glass, Incineration),
  • Infrastructure (bridges, tunnels, water and sewage treatment plants).

We work directly for asset owners when it comes to maintenance and repair activities, for general/mechanical contractors for major refurbishment projects and directly for shipyard owners during the construction or maintenance of civil/defence vessels.

Our expert and dedicated teams are fully qualified and certified in the design, engineering and implementation of a wide range of industrial services and solutions for surface preparation/treatment, access, insulation, PFP, asbestos control and marine architecture.

Our experience gained around the world working in challenging environments on high-value critical assets with exacting requirements for quality, environmental control and safe working means that we are ideally placed to be a key and trusted vendor for our customers in these markets.

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