Jelena Opstad

Human Resources Advisor

A few words about yourself:

My Bachelor degree is teaching English as a foreign language, my specialisation is counselling and coaching and I am presently studying to achieve a Masters of Management.

My work experience, chronologically, is: teaching English; administration and management within tourism; administration within the education system/ Ministry of Education; career and educational advisor and coach; HR Advisor.


What does your job involve?

My scope of work within HR includes the recruitment of employees, handling of all kinds of employee issues and HR reporting.  I support and assist managers in solving difficult issues that can arise from time to time with our people.

Additional responsibilities: I am an expert user and I am responsible for all of our HR-related software and IT systems in the company.


What do you find exciting about your job?

My work is divided into two key areas, the relational part – giving advice and support, and the structured part – retrieving data, controlling the dataflow between systems, making reports, making sure all our personnel policies are legally quality-assured.

Actually, I love both these parts of my job, so the combination of them is what I prefer.

My greatest reward at work is when I am involved in interesting projects/ tasks, where I can contribute and be given an opportunity to improve how we manage our staff. Opportunity for me is a chance to develop and achieve the maximum of my potential.


What are the challenges that you are up against?

At work, I am presently heavily focused on a significant recruitment campaign for some substantial long-term contracts we have just secured. Our goal is to select and train the best candidates who will perform and deliver the best possible work for our client, in the safest possible manner.

How do you imagine tomorrow?  

Within HR, I would love to work within talent management; with my background and the Masters of Management degree which I will obtain soon, I am convinced new opportunities will arise within the Group.

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