PREZIOSO Linjebygg is a leading international provider of a range of multidisciplinary technical and engineering services, principally for the Oil and Gas and Power Generation sectors, assisting its customers in extending the life and optimising the cost of their most critical assets.

Founding date
Million euros of revenues



A fundamental commitment to safety is a key feature of our culture, identity and values. We strive, with our employees and partners, to achieve the very highest safety standards. Our safety Golden Rules embody our commitment


Each member of the group engages continuously to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. We do what we say and we constantly search for new ways in which we can perform with efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness


We conduct our business in accordance with exemplary standards of transparency, integrity and honesty. We hold a deep sense of responsibility towards all of our stakeholders and the environment we work in



We are able to permanently adapt to the rapidly changing environments in which we work and we are adept at anticipating the needs of our clients by creating new solutions, tools and techniques to deliver excellence



A fundamental commitment to Health and Safety is a key feature of our culture, identity and values. We strive, with our employees and partners, throughout all our facilities, operational worksites and offices, to achieve the very highest safety standards.

From the very beginning of the company in 1957, we introduced an HSE management system with clear objectives in terms of the results we wanted to achieve. And more recently, for almost a decade, we have implemented a company-wide process intended to ensure we have a deeply embedded and sustainable safety culture.
At PREZIOSO Linjebygg, we all know that an integrated safety culture goes beyond the implementation of a classical and directive top‐down set of safety policies and procedures. It is the result of a holistic approach to safety which incorporates everyone within the organisation, in every country where we operate, from top management to field operators and support personnel.

The launch of our Safety Golden Rules in 2014 was part of this continuous programme to embed safety within our culture.

If you want to know more, you can see our latest news related to our Safety Culture.



Our ESG Policy
We are committed to ensure that we manage the group in ways which sustainably:

  • protect, value and respect all of our employees
  • reduce the environmental impact of our activities (see our commitment to reduce greenhouse gases)
  • promote our and our employees’ commitment to society

We take a responsible and ethical approach to the governance of the group, having internal procedures which:

  • adhere to the guidelines published by the UK Ministry of Justice in order to prevent bribery
  • comply with the UK Bribery Act 2010

Quality through Performance
To accompany our significant growth over the last few years and to keep on improving customer satisfaction, we have implemented an integrated management system through a strong risk management approach, reliable processes and improved performance.

The majority of our operations conform to internationally recognised management standards.



The Prezioso company is founded in France


Strong development (focus on coatings for industrial applications)
First foreign inroads (North Africa and Middle East)

1970s and 1980s

Sustained growth with two main drivers:
construction of nuclear power plants in France and strong development of the Oil & Gas markets in the Middle East

1980s and 1990s

Significant maintenance projects for the offshore Oil & Gas market
Development of the insulation and scaffolding businesses

1990s and 2000s

Transformation to a private-equity-owned company
Development of rope access / inspection business through the acquisition of Ropetec


Majority stake in the company acquired by Cinven - Major acquisition of Linjebygg Offshore (Norway)
Further expansion of service and solutions offering - Adoption of a new corporate identity: PREZIOSO Linjebygg


Significant milestone and major event in our history: Prezioso Linjebygg enters the Altrad group, a powerful global leader in the provision of industrial services. To illustrate this evolution, a new logo is adopted: the red Altrad square and its famous seagull, which is now combined with the Prezioso Linjebygg brand.

The Prezioso Linjebygg brand remains, as do all the other brands of the Altrad group subsidiaries.

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