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Localised induction heating

Localised induction heating

PREZIOSO Linjebygg possesses a thorough knowledge of induction heating, a proven and reliable technology, which can be used to quickly remove existing coatings (incl. fireproofing systems) from steel surfaces.

Induction heating relies on a generator that sends alternating currents through an induction coil, which generates an electromagnetic field over the surface to be treated. Within the targeted conductive material (made of steel), the currents are converted into heat below the old coating, resulting in a rapid and clean separation and removal. This system easily strips away any thick existing coating system.

Induction heating can rapidly remove old and/or polluted coatings. It does not use abrasive or high-pressure water systems, which makes it ideal for specific projects with, for example, a compressed programme, such as railway bridges. It is safe, clean and environmentally friendly, as it does not create any secondary waste or dust.

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