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Traditional abrasive techniques

Traditional abrasive techniques

PREZIOSO Linjebygg uses traditional abrasive blasting techniques (dry or wet, centrifugal or compressed air projected, manual or automatic) to properly prepare targeted surfaces, which is necessary for the correct adhesion of any coating system.

These techniques require the use of a blasting media projected at high speed against the surfaces requiring preparation. This ensures the correct surface cleanliness and roughness, two key parameters for the application of protective coatings.

Depending on the localisation of the asset requiring treatment, prevailing environmental conditions, the state of the substrate (new or already coated) and the nature of the substrate (steel, stainless steel, concrete), PREZIOSO Linjebygg will select the most suitable abrasive (metallic or mineral) and the most effective equipment (manual or automatic) to ensure the most efficient projection.

For obvious environmental reasons, we organise our activities to collect and recycle the abrasive particles.

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