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Concrete inspection and rehabilitation

Concrete inspection and rehabilitation

PREZIOSO Linjebygg has significant experience and expertise in the internal and external inspection and rehabilitation of concrete structures on offshore installations. The profitability and productivity of the approach are achieved through appropriate access, using Rope Access Techniques (RAT), combined, where necessary, with elevating platforms that can facilitate works.

Periodic inspection and rehabilitation of concrete structures and submerged structures are fundamental to preserve their integrity and to reduce costs over the long term. PREZIOSO Linjebygg uses a wide range of inspection and rehabilitation methods selected according to the structure itself and the state of deterioration of the concrete.

  • Examples of inspection methods: close visual inspection (cracks, corrosion, inhomogeneities, damages, etc.), core sampling, measurements of concrete coverage, measurements of electrical potential (EKP), chloride measurements (RCT), inspection of voids, testing of compressive strength with Schmidt hammer
  • Examples of rehabilitation methods: removal of concrete (mechanical, high pressure water jetting), concrete repair (shotcrete -gunite-, formwork, hand repair), concrete protection (epoxy coating)

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