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Concrete impermeability

Concrete impermeability

PREZIOSO Linjebygg is able to give permeable properties to any interior and exterior floor in all types of industrial facilities to ensure their retention properties.

To make surfaces impermeable and to protect them from external wear and tear, our expert teams are qualified to apply any of the following technical linings:

  • Hot sprayable flexible membranes (polyuria or polyurethane), which are efficient and highly flexible (crack bridging and weather resistant), with an extremely short curing period (just a few minutes)
  • Cold applied solvent free reinforced epoxy, which is highly mechanical & chemical resistant 
  • Flexible manufactured membranes that can be seamed on site and that are suitable for ageing or friable substrates.

Our engineers always select the most environmentally friendly solutions: our goal is to be always in compliance with the most exacting sanitary and toxicological regulations: in this respect, we minimise the use of CMR-labelled substances and avoid VOC contents.

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