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Composite repair systems

Composite repair systems

When it comes to repairing damaged parts of a pipework, PREZIOSO Linjebygg can implement traditional techniques such as section removal or classic reinforcement, but our teams also have the ability to apply composite repair systems.

We use a composite wrap system made of resin and fibres for pipe strengthening. It can be applied in many configurations on several types of substrates (carbon steel / stainless steel / composite, straight pipelines and also fittings - flanges, elbows, reduction, T-pieces) and a variety of assets (caissons, storage tanks, vessels…).

The products we use are certified according to the ISO 24817 qualification standard. These ready-to-use systems do not require prior preparation within a workshop; our operators can quickly apply them while the asset is in operation and they significantly improve the performance and durability of damaged/corroded assets.

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