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Anticorrosion coating

Anticorrosion coating

From the date the company was founded in 1957, PREZIOSO Linjebygg has been an expert in the field of high-quality corrosion protection, possessing an exhaustive knowledge of all types of coating systems and application methods.

Whatever the environment, we ensure the expert application of chosen coating systems, extending the life of our clients’ most valuable assets. The enviable breath of our experience means that we intervene in the design, construction, commissioning and operational phases of an asset’s lifecycle.

We systematically use state-of-the-art application materials/equipment and high technology anticorrosion coating systems, delaying the formation of rust on steel structures.

Through our ACQPA membership, we ensure coating application quality and continuously evaluate our operators. All of our production and quality control teams contain a high ratio of certified personnel (operatives who are either ACQPA, FROSIO or NACE certified).

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