Business support

HSEQ Management

You provide leadership of the HSEQ teams within a business unit or operational area, including monitoring and reviewing performance and compliance with the HSEQ policies, management system and standards, processes and management plans.

Structural Engineer

You prepare structural concrete and steel building designs using 3-D modelling CAE/CAD software. Working under the supervision of a senior structural engineer, you prepare designs, preliminary sizing calculations, quantity estimates and extract drawings from CAE/CAD models.

Planning Engineer

You support our site teams by scheduling and co-ordinating work efficiently, ensuring sufficient resources are available to meet the requirements of the project/contract. You work alongside client planners to acquire and understand weekly planning information and track and report planned hours and earned hours for all site programmed activities.

Procurement and Logistics Manager

You assist our Project/Contract Managers in the organisation and optimisation of the key assets we require for our projects/contracts, being personnel, equipment and materials. Regarding your procurement responsibilities, you centralise all material, equipment and supplies requests and procure resources that are not available within the company.

Cost Controller

Assist our project/contract managers in monitoring the financial performance of our operational activities. This requires the monitoring and reporting of project activities, claims and variations.

Establish project controls, budgets, and reporting procedures, regularly comparing actual costs and project out-turn estimates with budgets and forecasts.

Review and endorse project control data submitted by assigned engineers/contractors during the course of the project including estimates and budgets, cost and commitment status, schedules and progress reports.

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